Friday, March 18, 2011

Friendship Expository Writing

Here are 3 complete examples of expository writing from our class in their entirety:

How To Be A BFF:  by Ryan and Tyler

     Hmm...lets see how do you be a good friend?  Oh, I didn't see you there.  Do you want to be a BFF with other people?  Yes?  Well all you have to do is to read this book.  To be a good friend you should be nice, kind and help other people.
     Helping a friend is easy.  Drip, drip, drip.  "Oh no!"  Someone is dripping water from their bucket.  Invisible buckets.  An example is to tell them to follow rules and of course help them with math.
     "Ouch!"  That's not nice.  Please do not hit anybody if you get mad.  I think you should use the virtue love, self-discipline and gentleness.  Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, use your words not your body.  Second, I think you should try your best.  "Wow!"  Keep it up.
     "Ow!"  Being kind is the last thing to do.  Okay.  How about being kind by playing with them at recess.  Well, that's not easy.  Do not be mean to your new BFF.  Ouch.  Don't kick me.  Oh yeah.  Try not to hit back.
     To be a good friend you should be nice, kind and help other people.  "Wow!"  Now you have completed the three ways of being a BFF.  Look at you.  You did it!  Now you don't need me anymore!

How To Be Awesome Friends:  by Willow and Anonymous

     So you want to be a good friend?  Do what we say.  I will teach you these things.  Be best friends, be BFF's and help.  So enjoy the movie.
     First, be best friends by hugging friends when they are sad.  When a friend is sick tell a teacher.  When lonely, play with them.
     Second, be BFF's first be BFF's forever.  Invite them over for a play date.  Stand up for your friend.  So you want the last one hmm?  I will let you read it but beware you can't tell anybody, okay? 
     Now, it is help them with homework.  Help them when they drop something.  Help them when something is broken.
     Now you know how to be best friends.  It is be best friends, be BFF's and help them.  To get more information call 605-208-5180.  So that is the end of your show!

How To Be A Good Friend:  By Lauren and Meghan

     Are you a good friend to others?  Kind of.  Okay, we will help you be a good friend.  To be a good friend, stand up for your friend, use nice body language and use virtues.
     Stand up for a friend and help when they are being bullied.  Be kind and nice not rude and hurtful.  One time, my friend was mean to me, it really hurt my feelings.  Be caring to other kids by caring for them.
     If you want to know nice body language tips, please read this paragraph.  Nice body language is hugs, greet, smile and high-five.  I've used nice body language like smiling when I say hi to my friends.  Talk with humor, interesting conversations and ask how they are.  Do nice talking!
     Using virtues is a good thing to do, not just when your playing.  Always use virtues no matter what.  We show virtues to our teachers.  One time we showed peacefulness when sitting on the carpet quietly.  Be truthful by not telling a lie.  Be friendly by keeping your friends secrets.  You can show understanding of their feelings.  Be generous by sharing your things.
     If you want to be a good friend, stand up for your friend, use nice body language and use virtues.  Follow these easy steps and we guarantee you'll make lots of friends.  Also your friends will be super lucky to be friends with you!!!  Your friends will wonder how did you get to be such a good friend?  Fine, we will explain again.  To be a good friend,......

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